Jonah C
They offer a great range of delicious food. I like eating here. The employees are always super friendly, prices are reasonable and the place is always kept clean.
Jessica Janniere
I just so happened to be in the neighborhood with a friend when we came across Gloria's. She had never tried doubles and we both wanted some good comfort food. Well, Gloria's did not disappoint. We ordered 5 doubles and a shrimp roti. We shared it out. It was delicious! The ambiance isn't much, but it's clean and casual. The front door slams hard, which is distracting and annoying after a while. But there is a casual seating area and to me, the most important factor is, it's clean. The guy at the front (I should've asked for his name) was friendly, welcoming and hospitable. I also found him to be very attentive. He offered extra tamarind sauce without an issue and when I needed a bag for my leftovers he handed it to me before I could ask. I really appreciated that. I look forward to returning and supporting this small business. And will gladly recommend it to my friends.
Clumsy Jewels
Yummy. Yum. Yum! Well, it was my very first time having "DOUBLES" and second time having "ROTI" and I assure you I was not disappointed. My friend and I were in the neighborhood and I had a major craving for some doubles. Let me tell you the man behind the register was very pleasant and accommodating to us. I had pepper sauce and tamarind sauce on my doubles and roti which was so delicious and comforting. I really enjoyed it. MUST STOP in BK!!!! Pleasant experience. No complaints. Especially, for first time trying doubles. Coming back soon!
joseph jean
This place is definitely a must stop by. The food is amazing literally packed with flavor. For those of you who like spicy, get the Pepper Sauce on the side.
Delicious food!! I had the Chicken roti and it was like my trini friends were cooking. I loved it! The passion fruit juice is too sweet for my liking. But I will definitely return for the roti. I couldn’t even finish it because it was huge!